This website is an introduction to my research on co-operative economies and enterprises. Sometimes I use hard numbers but my research is categorically qualitative. I listen to people’s stories, build relationships, dig through archives and do a lot of reading. So, this site is a platform to share stories, insights and thoughts during the research process. 

Inspiration for the blog arose from a desire to document upcoming trips to Italy and Argentina this coming August and July. I plan to visit co-operative enterprises and their associations and to share stories and photos of enterprises, research tidbits and information about co-operative economies in these regions. It has long been a dream of mine to explore co-operative movements in in Northern Italy and Argentina. I look forward to talking with co-operators about their experiences, seeing some of the enterprises first hand and sharing these experiences with you.

As the website ramps up, you’ll find links to past work, information about Harnessing the Power of the Co-operative Difference: stories and strategies from worker co-operators in the Connecticut River Valley and blog posts about reading and experiences during my visits to Italy and Argentina. You’ll also find links to organizations, people and related publications.

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