This website began as an introduction to my research on co-operative economies and enterprises. Now it is a space to share my experience and research in the age of bio-security. Over the course of 6 months, in the US and other countries, many people have voluntarily remitted almost every one of our basic liberties with very little public debate. Debate in this culture of fear is shamed. If we are to believe science (as presented in the mainstream) our path is apparently clear. However, never, has there ever (at least in my life time) been so few voices among scientists.

I thought about changing the name of the site but I decided not to. My recent entries are not directly about co-ops but they are fundamentally related to the values and principals of co-operation especially to the fourth and fifth principals. My hope is that debate over ‘external’ politics (hardly external if your business is closed) in consensus-based co-ops is lively. However, many people I know are fearful to discuss differing opinions and many don’t have time to dig deep into mainstream narratives.

My aim is to share my experience with former colleagues (including Community Economies Collective) and with friends and family. Most of them are somewhat-to far left but anti-Trump across the board like my friend Michele who said: “If Trump wins, he will never give up power. It will be the end of our democracy.”

It is also for my friends and partner who voted for Trump, including my Jewish friend Jennie who said:  “We’re living in Nazi Germany and the Jews are paying for it.”

Until now, I told very few people (my parents still don’t know) that my bedfellow voted for Trump (Janelle, you’re In bed with a racist!). Most people in my circle can’t imagine ANYONE besides a white supremacist conspiracy theorist voting for Trump. But many decent people voted for him in 2016 and over half of the voting population in the US will likely vote for him in 2020. Our democracy is thin but the current president was indeed elected and may very likely be again.

Why could anyone (who is not a racist or a fool) vote for Trump? Does such a person exist? Do you know someone on the right? Have you asked? Could you stomach their answer?

How did our political options become Antifa vs White Supremacists?

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