Meeting Contacts in Buenos Aires

I came to Buenos Aires with a clear agenda of where to begin. Web resources, books, newspaper and journal articles as well as John Baldridge’s dissertation pointed me in the direction of particular people and organizations. Ethan Earl (formerly of La Base and the Working World), graciously met me at the last minute in June when I was in NYC. –And he had some great suggestions of people and organizations to reach out to while I am here.

Below is a list of businesses, organizations and people from which my research begins, first at home on the computer and then out there in the wilds of Buenos Aires. As time permits, I’m linking them here in the blog. I’d like to with connect everyone but 20 days isn’t much time…

1) Alé Alé one of a chain of five well known parrillas (grill restaurants) in Buenos Aires including Don Battaglia, Los ChanchitosMangiata and La Soleada. The restaurants were taken over by the workers between January and May 2013 and (re)organized as self-managed businesses. All of the restaurants are doing well but Alé Alé is facing eviction from their location so their fellow co-operative restaurants and other recovered business, community members, customers and the Federation of Co-opertives of Self-managed Workers of Argentina have stepped in to provide support.

Links to a few articles and news clips about it: In Pagina 12In Argentina Indymedia, on

2) Bauen Hotel a famous 20 story hotel that was taken over by its workers in 2003

Links to a few resources about Bauen Hotel: Video by Ginger Gentile and Ande Wanderer“Meet Diego Bandera from Bauen Hotel Co-operative” via ICA; Sammy Loren (2005) Upside Down World “Argentina’s Worker-run Hotel Bauen”Maria Trigona (2007) “Argentina: Hotel Bauen’s Workers Without Bosses Face Eviction”Maria Trigona (2003) Geo  “Worker Self-managment Threatened at Hotel Bauen in Buenos Aires”

3) Facultad Abierta (‘Open Faculty’ based at the national university) which is home to a number of scholars involved in the movement including its director Andres Ruggeri. Ethan Earle suggested I meet with professor Ruggeri who appears to be very busy. He has co-organized several international conferences for recovered businesses the most recent of which took place in Brazil, July 2013 and has authored and coordinated a number of books and articles on the subject.

Links to relevant resources: 10 Anos del Programa Facultad Abierta,la Universidad, los Trabajadores, y la Autogestion

Reed and McMurtry (2009) Co-operatives in the Global Economy: the Challenges of Co-operation Across Borders Cambridge Scholars Press.

El Centro de Documentacion on Facebook

4) La Federación Argentina de Cooperativas de Trabajadores Autogenstionados (FACTA, the Federation of Co-operatives of  Self-managed Workers of Argentina)

FACTA (website)

5) El Movimiento Nacional de Fábricas Recuperadas (or MNFR the National Movement of Recovered Factories)

MNFR (website)

6) El Movimiento Nacional de Empresas Recuperadas (or MNER, the movement of recovered businesses)

MNER (website) –a link to links

7) La Vaca Collective

8) La Base and The Working World in Argentina and specifically Esteban Magnani, author of El Cambio Silencioso (The Silent Change) available to purchase or read online for free.

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