We, me, myself and I, hereby declare liberation from the paper formerly titled: Subjects of Scale: Worker Co-operatives… By making this declaration, I free myself from the mind-numbing project of trying to publish in a top-tier geography journal in order to get a job in my field of geography.

My professor always said, “Well, you know honey, geography is what we make it. Yes indeed, Julie Graham! She wouldn’t have wanted me to spend countless unpaid hours struggling against feelings of insecurity cultivated by rejection at the expense of telling the stories I want to tell!

At this moment, I commit to publish the private posts I was too ashamed to publish, tell the stories I want to tell and stop wasting precious time on a field that doesn’t want to publish my shit!

For at least two weeks, I shall spend all of my additional time cleaning up the stories I want to tell, working on new ones and getting them out there regardless of the consequences because it is clear to me that this paper has done but suck the life out of me ever since Katherin Gibson said, “I don’t get it” and I spent the next week in bed. Yes, I’m sensitive but remember, I spent dam near a year on this paper!

I will tell you what I really want to tell you–the trials and tribulations of the contingent labor force from my experience as an adjunct professor with aspirations of having a family. I will tell you what inspires me: My students! They have taught me so much this semester.I will tell you what I’m grateful for! Three women who led my class in discussion–two black, one white. Who encouraged me to spend time on and learn more about structural racism and be honest with them, with everyone including you(!) about who I am. Vulnerable, powerful and absolutely honest. These are the values we want to cultivate. These are the qualities we need to encourage in ourselves and in our co-conspirators. I don’t have the answers! We don’t have the answers but we can come up with them together.

Thank you Jami Hoffman for the inspiration.

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