Research and Writing

Listen to my story, said the Bouquet Scholar. Let us share each other’s tongues. Take my story to heart, like a short and necessary kiss. Let it untie your (k)-n-o-t-s, unwind you from the rules that make your flesh afraid to move. (Frueh 1996, 19-20)

Cornwell, Johnson, Trott and Graham. 2013. Building Co-operative Power   evolved from my dissertation research and collaboration with Michael Johnson, Adam Trott and Julie Graham.

“Subjects of Scale, Spaces of Possibility: Co-operative Space in Theory and Enterprise” (2011). Dissertation Open Access.

“Who’s on the Map?” This is a short essay I wrote for Anthropology News in Beyond Capitalism, a collection organized by Boone Shear and Brian Burke.

“Worker Co-operatives and Spaces of Possibility: An investigation of Subject Space at Collective Copies”. This is an earlier draft of a paper published by Antipode. You can watch a “video abstract” about the paper here or here.

“Building Community Economies In Western Massachusetts: An Emerging Model of Economic Development?” Julie Graham and Janelle Cornwell (2009) This is a co-authored chapter Social Economy: International Perspectives on Solidarity Economy edited by Ash Amin.

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