Getting Ready

In preparation for the retreat in Bolsena, my task is to revise two papers. One is titled “Co-operative Economic Development photo (22)Strategies: Regional Alliance Building in New England USA”. The other paper’s title is under revision but it is about “practices of scale” in the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives. So… I’ve been reading for a week. Pretty much from the moment I wake up until it’s time to go to bed.

It’s most luxurious–having the space (though I wish there were more!) to read authors including: John Baldridge, Andrea Bernardi, Carlos Borzaga, Judith Butler, Hazel Cocoran and David Wilson, Daniel Louro, Peter Ranis, Tito Menzani and Vera Zamagni…

And to squeeze in a little blog spot before going back to the pages. The deadline for the revisions is June 18th so I will have to attack the writing part of it–with gusto!–beginning Sunday. A marathon weekend.